Saturday, 23 May 2020

MY TAKE: The controversy on reopening schools

Teachers have voiced many concerns following the government’s decision to reopen schools in June, and doctors have backed teachers’ unions by saying Covid -19 infection rates are too high.  The British Medical Association said, with much “conflicting” evidence on opening schools it was “completely aligned” with teachers’ unions call to delay reopening. 
Meanwhile, the children’s commissioner for England says that government and unions should, “stop squabbling and agree a plan” to reopen schools safely, reports ITV News.
Parents are just as concerned, as there are no guarantees that social distancing can be achieved although measures are to be put in place when schools reopen.
I spoke to Mrs Khan from Birmingham, mother of a reception class child.  She said, with a concerned look, “Yasir is only 4 years old, he is not mature enough to fully understand the risks and dangers of coronavirus, even with the social distancing measures his school will be applying, I can’t see how he will not be under threat!”
Meanwhile, father of year 6 pupil from Birmingham, Mr Feeney, says, “I don’t see the point for year 6 students to be prioritised! They don’t have exams! They have learnt all they need and are ready to start secondary school in September!  Why risk harming them!”     
by Hashim Khan, Junior Journalist with the Atfal Trainee Scheme

Friday, 22 May 2020

My Take: Bringing schools out of lockdown

According to the government, schools are planned to open on the 1st June 2020, starting with primary schools. So what do pupils and parents think of this plan to start bringing the education system out of lockdown?
I interviewed, my brother, Saqib, a year 9 student. He said: “I don’t think its useful for schools to be shutdown, it’s difficult to do your work at home because you get distracted quite a lot but in schools it’s an environment for working which is not the same when you’re in home. I prefer working at school. They [the government] could’ve shut it [schools] earlier, the governments response could’ve been quicker.”

Although, children are learning from home they still get homework most likely via email. I interviewed my father, he said “You need to motivate your children for their work by being a role model, speaking with them, explaining the work and being friendly with them.” 
My mother also helped us with organisation, she helped us categorise every piece of work, helped us make a timetable. She fed us, made sure we slept enough and made sure we did enough work as well as giving enough time for other activities such as sport.
by Tashif Mehmood Jajja, Junior Journalist from the Atfal Trainee Scheme                                 
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